Welcome to the First Tee School Program!

Since 2004, First Tee has been integrating our program into PE classes in schools across the country. First Tee – Greater Washington, DC has over 250 elementary and middle schools and teachers across the state to teach our curriculum, expanding our impact.

Program Objectives

  • Create a safe introduction to golf for today’s students and teachers.
  • Help students strengthen character and confidence through the positive personal and social values associated with the game and extend those values to other areas of their lives.
  • Provide opportunities for students to experience golf as an enjoyable, lifelong recreation and health-enhancing activity.
  • Ensure that the curriculum meets national standards developed by the Society for Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE).

The following links are helpful resources for you to access for further training, a community forum for sharing ideas downloading lesson plans, and a form to submit feedback to the First Tee – Greater Washington, DC staff about your program each year. You can contact our First Tee – Greater Washington, DC staff with any questions: Katie Blodgett, Director of Programming, [email protected]; Roger Brown, Program Manager – Maryland, [email protected]; Tema Masters, Program Manage, Northern Virginia, [email protected]