Empowering and Inspiring Girls through Golf

“Since our girls have joined the golf program, it has provided them with an opportunity to build their confidence, enhance their team working skills and help them become better leaders.”
– Jan, LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Parent

We’re all about the  FUNdamentals  of golf. We pride ourselves on infusing fun and opportunities to be social into their programming to keep girls engaged and enjoying the game. Often this means putting down the 7 iron and having a golf fashion show, or cutting the drills short to make time for a pizza party. After all, golf is a game right?! We take our job of making it fun seriously!

Sign-up Now!

There are 2 ways to register for Girls Golf.  The first is through the Girls Golf App (recommended), see below with how to register.  Second, is online through the Girls Golf website.

eLeader Program

We offer a volunteer program for girls ages 13-17.  To learn more about the eLeader program click here.

We create experiences that help girls fall in love with the game. 

Our Girls Only opportunities make learning the game fun, social, and less-intimidating for girls who are just starting out, or want to play with other girls who share their interest in the game.

Sometimes it’s NOT about Golf!

A typical Girls Golf event could include anything from hitting marshmallows out of a bunker, taking a field trip to a professional golf tournament, or hosting a pirate-themed golf competition. Yep, that’s right – pirates! Creativity is Queen when it comes to Girls Golf, and we’re not afraid to think outside of the box!

The 5 E’s of Girls Golf

We EMPOWER girls with confidence and inspire them to dream BIG
We ENRICH girls lives by expanding their minds and horizons
We ENGAGE girls with positive female role models and mentors
We ENERGIZE girls with passion for the game of golf
We EXERCISE girls’ minds and bodies helping them unlock their full potential


For any questions or more information, please contact Katie Blodgett at [email protected].