PCA Double Goal Regional Coach Award: Coach John Garner

  On Saturday, July 31st, Coach John Garner received the PCA Double Goal Regional award for his unwavering dedication to empowering our participants at First Tee – Greater Washington, D.C.  Several of our participants, alumni, volunteers, coaches, board members and staff were there to celebrate this honor. He is the embodiment of the pillars of what both the Positive Coaching Alliance and First tee stand for to include but not limited to honoring the game and filling the emotional tank. Coach Garner has touched hundreds of lives during his time with First Tee and it is clear that he has created a legacy that will impact hundreds more. There are not enough words to express how importnat Coach Garner is to our community. Thank you, Coach, for all you do for your students, colleagues and community. We appreciate you more than you know!