20 FOR 20 – #18

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20 Posts for 20 Years Series – Post #18

How do we have the ability to serve over 1850 young people? Our dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring volunteers.

This year, alone, we had 112 volunteers across 21 program locations assisting our Coaches with execution of our Life Skills Experience Classes. Our volunteers come to class week after week so that our young people can learn in an optimal learning environment with caring mentors and coaches.

Coach Nick is a dedicated volunteer, of many years, who coaches the Par class at East Potomac Golf Course on Tuesdays. We asked him what he thought about his experience so that you may feel what our volunteers do.

“After each session ends, I think, ‘Wow, some of these players have really grown up.’ By grown up I mean, physically taller and faster as well as mentally more engaged and outgoing. I have to admit that I have grown up in so many ways as well. I’ve learned how to listen better, how to recognize when one of them is a bit off and needs an extra minute. I have grown to respect these players and this game a little bit more and to practice what I’m preaching each week in my own life and in my playing of this game of golf.” – Coach Nick

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