20 for 20 – #1

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20 Posts for 20 Years Series – Post #1

“What do we think about when Langston (the golf course) is mentioned? For me, the history and legacy are so real. I think about a friendship between First Lady E. Roosevelt and Mary McCloud Bethune, about a piece of land across from an incinerator on a polluted river, of Joe Louis, Jim Thorpe and Ethel Funches, a walkable topography that can restore your golf soul, holes 10 and 3, and the joy of watching a player size up 13 for the first time. I think of watching a Bald Eagle glide down 12, hearing the crew teams sweeping down the Anacostia River toward the Navy Yard, hearing the crowd roar at my old school‘s games on Wednesday evenings – these and so many wonderful happenings at my Langston. I always think of our original mission statement: to impact the lives of young people who have not had exposure to the game and all the ones yet to be. Let’s keep paddling in the same direction at the same time.” – Coach John Garner

July 16, 1999 was a typical sunny and humid summer day in the District of Columbia. On that very day, a group of spectacular individuals came together and formed The First Tee of Washington, DC. Today, we are The First Tee of Greater Washington, DC. More about our story is to come in our 20 Posts for 20 Years Series to celebrate the impact of our work right here in our Nation’s Capital. Langston Golf Course, a celebrated beacon of African American Golf Heritage, opened in 1939 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. Right in the heart of Northeast DC, young people join us on the golf course to learn about confidence, perseverance, and respect. Even 20 years later, Langston is still a very important part of our organization, with participants learning on its historic grounds every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday during programming. We are very proud of the role Langston has in teaching our youth all the game of golf has to offer in life, school and community. We’re excited to embark on our reflection through the last twenty years with all of you. We know our story is a great one.



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